Types of Artificial Climbing Walls

Oxo has been manufacturing climbing walls for over 10 years. We have developed many kinds of Indian and imported climbing walls for many clients.  We have around Six types of artificial climbing walls that are popular in India. these are mentioned below:
Standard Climbing Wall
Most common type of climbing wall, a standard climbing wall can be made into various sizes, designs, and colors. We undertake climbing wall manufacturing and installation project on a turnkey basis. These climbing walls are made with wood/fiber panels and are most common for commercial purposes.
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Multi Activity Tower
A multi activity climbing tower uses climbing wall support structure to host additional activities. A Multi-activity tower could be made as a 4 to 8 sided tower. Activities possible are rappelling, tire wall, free fall, commando net climb, zip line, zip cycle, etc. This is most functional any type of artificial climbing wall can be.
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Children Climbing Wall 3 1 scaled
Oxo has very creative and colorful designs for climbing wall for kids. Children climbing walls tend to be smaller with 3D panels and colorful holds and features. Children climbing walls can be made on an existing wall in your home or as a freestanding climbing wall. This type of climbing wall can be made in multiple textures and colors.
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Bouldering wall 3 1
A Bouldering wall is up to 15 ft high and generally built for practicing climbing problems. Climbing routes are frequently changed as per varied difficulty levels. Typically, a bouldering wall does not need any belay and is done with any equipment like rope, harness, or carabiners. This is the smallest variety of climbing walls.
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Imported 1
Oxo is an authorized partner of – Walltopia, a Bulgarian climbing wall manufacturer. Walltopia is amongst the biggest and best climbing wall manufacturers across the world. Oxo can help you get your dream imported climbing wall built by Walltopia. These are the most expensive climbing walls oxo installs.
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Custom Climbing Wall
If you have seen a climbing wall design that you would like to get built, oxo will help you achieve it. We can get creative and make one of its kind climbing walls, climbing walls that have a certain shape or look like a rock, etc. These walls can be made indoors and outdoors and as a freestanding structure. Oxo can make any type of climbing wall.
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