Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed on small rock formations or artificial rock walls without the use of ropes or harnesses. While it can be done without any equipment, most climbers use climbing shoes to help secure footholds, chalk to keep their hands dry and provide a firmer grip, and bouldering mats to prevent injuries from falls. Read more on:

Typically, this kind of climbing wall does not need any belay and is done with any equipment like rope, harness or carabiners. This limits the height of bouldering wall to 12 feet. Width can vary from 12 feet to 40 feet. Oxo is amongst the leading bouldering climbing wall builder for Indian made walls and leading supplier of bouldering walls for imported climbing walls.

A Bouldering wall is generally built for practicing climbing problems. Climbing routes are frequently changed as per varied difficulty levels. Bouldering is also great for practicing climbing when there is a space crunch or a budget issue with the climber. These are most suitable as climbing walls for homes.

It provides is an exercise that is also popular amongst the larger population who like the thrill of natural mountain climbing. If you want to know more about bouldering or learn how to start bouldering, you can refer to this article on

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Is A Bouldering Wall Vertical?

Yes and No. The actual purpose of a bouldering wall is served by having moderate to steep overhangs on the walls. Still, some people go for a vertical or a small angular incline in the climbing wall.

If you are building this bouldering climbing wall just for fun, or for recreational bouldering, you can get vertical sections made and installed and then transition the frame to create a mild overhang.

This decision will totally depend on the goal of setting up the bouldering wall. If you are getting the bouldering wall build for building upper body strength, climbing practice like dynamic movements, dynos and lunges, you need to go for a steep overhang bouldering wall. While if your focus is to work in your focus, lock-offs, cross-through, side pulls etc. you need to go for a straight bouldering wall.

Key Facts

Safety Equipment like ropes, harness, belay device are not required for bouldering.
Climbing Shoes and chalk powder are required on the bouldering walls.
Bouldering walls are typically built 12 to 16 feet high.
bouldering / gym mats are must have for a bouldering wall.
Bouldering problems are assigned numerical difficulty ratings by routesetters and climbers.
There are international competitions held for bouldering problems.

Estimated Costs

A bouldering climbing wall can be built in simple or complex designs. It could be a simple traverse wall or it can be an international level competition hosting bouldering wall. The cost will vary as per the requirements of the climber, dimensions of the climbing wall, quality of material used etc.

A small 12 feet by 12 feet traverse wall will cost Rs. 1,50,000, if built on an existing structure. Whereas building and installing a full-fledged competition level bouldering wall will cost around Rs. 30,00,000 or more. Oxo provides amongst the best value for money and offers a low cost of building a bouldering wall in India.

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