Oxo has very creative and colorful designs for climbing wall for kids. Oxo is a leading children climbing wall builder, and we design simple projects that will get kids climbing with joy and they will have some healthy fun.

Kids climbing walls can be both indoors and outdoors and tend to be much smaller in size compared to an adult or typical climbing wall.

Although size of children climbing wall can be customised as per client’s requirements, it is generally 8 feet wide and 12 feet high.  This is a vertical climbing wall with no incline or overhang built into it. To make it look attractive, it can be built using 3D panels of FRP.

If you want to get a climbing wall installed for children, reach out to us for a free estimate!

Children Climbing Wall | Key Facts

Standard height– 12 feet – 16 feet.
Panel Size – 4 feet by 4 feet.
Frame Surface – Wood or Fiber.
Belay - Optional.
Wall Type - Straight/Vertical.
Standard width – 8 feet – 12 feet.
Structure Type - Dependent.
Color - Customizable
Safety Mat - Compulsory.

Estimated Costs

A children climbing wall can be setup for a cost of starting from Rs. 1,00,000. The cost will go up as we move to fiber panels, or to bigger climbing wall size. Feel free to get in touch with oxo for a quote of building a rock climbing wall in india.

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