Oxo is the leading and best climbing wall manufacturers in India. With head office at Delhi, oxo has worked in more than 20 states across the country. Over the years, expectations of clients from oxo has increased and so has the quality of work we do.

OXO has been developing its own climbing wall panels for last 10+ years. We have multiple options for climbing wall panel surface like Wooden, wooden with fiber quote, fiber, fiber 3D etc. The standard thickness of climbing board or panel we supply is around 8-10 MM but it can be adapted to suit clients’ requirements. If you choose a design from our existing Dye, we can give you a priority delivery with 7 working days.

Oxo has its production unit in Delhi, where we work on making the best fiber panels in the country. We work continuously on improving the quality of components we use and the final product that we handover to the client. If you are looking for a compatible and professional firm to build climbing panels for your artificial climbing wall, you have come to the right website.

Climbing Wall Panels | Key Facts

The standard size of the artificial climbing wall panel if 4 feet by 8 feet.
We supply standard and superior quality as per your requirements.
The thickness of the climbing panel is standard i.e. 8-10 MM but can be adjusted as per your requirements.
Custom sizes can also be made as per design requirement.
Color can be customized as per client’s requirements.
You have the option to go for a fiction layer or non-fiction layer as a final quote on the climbing wall panel surface.

Types Of Climbing Wall Panels

Wooden Climbing Panels

Wooden Climbing Wall Panels

These are the cheapest option for building a climbing wall and are not recommended for any professional climbing wall setup. This is only suitable for a low budget, make-do climbing wall setup.
Wooden Wall with fiber coat

Wooden Panels With Fiber Coat

These are just like the wooden climbing wall panels with an additional coat of fiber to make these panels look like fiber panels. These are suitable for climbing walls that will be used less often and are mostly for show purposes.
FRP 3D Panel

FRP Plain Panels

Most commonly used panels in India and across the world. These are made of fiber and a mixture of some with chemicals and material. These are flat panels and color can be applied as per your choice. OXO has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of rock climbing wall panels in India.
FRP Plain Panels scaled

FRP 3D Panels

They are the same material as FRP panels but have additional 3D features for climbers to use. These are the most expensive panels produced by oxo and have seen the most demand lately. They can be made to look like a natural rock or can be designed to fit into larger concepts. These fiber climbing wall panels are most difficult to manufacture and take 2-3 weeks for standard production.

Estimated Costs

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