1. Overview of Multi Activity Climbing Tower
  2. Advantages of Multi Activity Climbing Tower
  3. Key Facts about Multi Activity Climbing Tower
  4. Estimated cost of manufacturing Multi Activity Climbing Tower
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A multi activity climbing tower uses support structure to host additional activities. A Multi activity tower could be made as a 4 to 8 sided tower. Activities possible are: rappeling, tyre wall, free fall, commando net climb, zip line, zip cycle etc. A free standing climbing wall mostly has only 1 active surface that are used only for climbing purpose. Sometimes there are 2 active surface with one being used for speed climbing and other for route climbing.

A multi-activity climbing tower has more than 2 activities from the same climbing wall tower. It generally uses multiple phases of the climbing wall steel structure to increase the utility of the space and provide additional adventure activities like rappelling, slithering, zip line, target jump etc. at less incremental costs.

If the climbing wall is above 40 feet, the tower can further be divided into 2 floors and some activities like sky cycling can originate from the first floor of the tower. Oxo is a leading builder and manufacturer of multi activity climbing wall towers.

Advantage of Multi Activity Tower

You get additional activities at lower incremental cost.

It takes less time to develop multiple adventure activities in one go.

Climbing wall will attract a limited number of people whereas additional activities can attract additional participants.

You get more adventure activities in less space.

Additional revenue if you want to operate multi activity tower for commercial purpose.

Key Facts

The minimum height required is 24 feet.
The choice of additional adventure activity will depend on the location, choice and budget of the client.
The steel frame will be comparatively stringer for multi activity tower than for climbing wall only.
A heavy and safe staircase is made (along with safety and belay is needed) for participants to climb to the top of the tower.
The maximum height that can be developed is 48 feet.
Some additional activities like zip line or sky cycling will need another tower to be built for landing purposes.
We do not overload the adventure activity tower with too many activities to keep it safe and provide comfort to all participants.

Estimated Costs

Being an experienced Multi Activity Climbing Wall Tower manufacturer, oxo has very efficient methods and process of developing multi activity towers. As a result, the prices at which we develop these multi activity tower are less and the quality is high. The cost of a tower with 3-4 activities will depend on the height of the tower and activities chosen. For a rough estimate, you can consider the cost of a 24 feet high 3 activity (climbing, rappelling & slithering) tower to be Rs. 6 lakhs plus. The cost of tower will increase with other activities as additional towers and setup will be required.

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