Oxo is the most innovative and experienced artificial climbing wall manufacturer in India. Run by professional climbers and architects, oxo has been manufacturing climbing walls in India for last 10 years. Oxo has built climbing wall setups for government, military, sports complex, adventure parks, resorts, schools and many other public and private partners.

Oxo has wide variety of climbing wall setups for you to choose from.

If you have a custom requirement, feel free to reach to the leading rock climbing wall manufacturers in India.

Climbing walls can be made into various sizes, designs and colors. We undertake climbing wall manufacturing and installation project on turnkey basis. If you are looking for climbing wall consultants or climbing wall designers, you can engage oxo for those services specifically.

Key Facts

An artificial climbing wall can be built on an existing wall or structure as a support (dependent climbing wall) or on an independent structure (freestanding climbing wall).
Artificial climbing wall needs a steel structure to hold the panels together. These structures are an important part of the climbing wall and needs to be engineered to perfection for long life of the climbing wall.
Height of climbing wall depends on the purpose for which climbing wall is being built. A climbing wall of 28 feet is a great for fun and light workout whereas a climbing wall of 48 feet or above is ideal for competition level climbing.
Building a standard climbing wall takes 3-4 weeks after design finalization. Smaller walls take less time.
Oxo consultants has its manufacturing and fabrication unit in Delhi but it works across India with various suppliers and vendors. Less than 20% of the climbing walls we have designed are in NCR region.
Climbing wall only has standard sizes if you want to host an international competition. Otherwise, you can choose height and width of the climbing wall as per your convenience and design.
A climbing wall can be made for a single person climbing at once of multiple persons climbing at once. We recommend going for a width of 12 feet to enable two climbers to ascend the wall simultaneously.
Cost of climbing wall can vary a lot from site to site and on choice of panel surface and quality of FRP.
Color of climbing wall can be changed every 2-3 years to keep the wall looking like new.

Types Of Climbing Walls

Indoor CLimbing wall 4 1

Indoor Climbing Wall

A climbing wall that is built indoors. It is generally smaller in size and leans on an existing building wall for support.
Outdoor Wall 2

Outdoor Climbing Wall

A climbing wall built in outdoors. Outdoor climbing walls can be built in all sizes and can be both freestanding and dependent.
Overhang climbing wall 3 1

Overhang Climbing Wall

A climbing wall that has a higher degree of panel incline after a certain point is called overhang climbing wall. These are generally made to make artificial wall climbing more challenging and difficult to climb.
Upgradation 3.png scaled

Inclined Climbing Wall

In an Inclined climbing wall, entire wall is not standing straight but has incline and is at a less than 90-degree angle. In premium designs, these angles can be adjusted as and when required.
Speed Climbing wall 4 1

Speed Climbing Wall

These are straight wall with a standard climbing route as per IFSC standards. They are good to be used for any domestic or international speed climbing competition. A speed climbing wall can also be used for challenge climbing by removing climbing holds.
Naturl Climbing Wall 1

Natural/Mountain Climbing Wall

These are premium 3D FRP designed climbing walls that have a close resemblance to natural rocks formation. Mostly imported in India, these climbing walls provide both utility and aesthetical value.

Estimated Costs

The cost of building an artificial climbing wall varies depending on the size, type and quality of wall required. We recommend you send us an enquiry or contact us to know the cost of your particular climbing wall setup. Cost of a freestanding climbing wall is higher compared to a dependent wall due to additional requirements of building a base and usage of more steel for frame.

If you want a standard climbing wall cost in India, refer to the below chart to get a rough estimate of a climbing wall.

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