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Climbing Wall designing and manufacturing is a highly skilled job and required structural expertise along with experience of building wide variety of climbing walls. Oxo can help you in undertaking engineering and technical specifications for manufacturing and installing a new climbing wall.

We will give you a complete drawing designed in AutoCAD with structural and section details. Oxo has engaged in many projects for engineering part of climbing wall manufacturing process.


Being amongst India’s leading climbing wall manufacturers, oxo has experience in building climbing walls, manufacturing climbing panels, engineering steel frames for freestanding climbing wall structure or dependent climbing wall structure.

Oxo can help you in technical and engineering part of making your own climbing wall. You can engage oxo for engineering calculations for foundation of climbing wall, grade and quality of MS frame, architectural structure of climbing wall support and frames for installing climbing panels.

Need For Engineering Advice

Once you build a climbing wall, you cannot undo it.

A good advice will give you a climbing wall that will last longer and will have high quality.

A great design will enhance the utility of your climbing wall.

Cheap is not always good. Building a climbing wall is a technical job.

Safety is first priority for any professional climbing wall building company.

If you are an existing climbing wall manufacturer but lack structural engineering experience or you have a difficult climbing wall building challenge that you are not able to solve, feel free to engage with oxo for its engineering and consulting services.

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