An artificial Rock Climbing wall is a must have for any adventure park. In fact, many parks have multiple rock climbing wall surfaces for adults and children. Oxo is an expert in artificial rock climbing wall setup for adventure parks. We can help you design your climbing wall as per the theme you have chosen, create a mix of flat and 3D climbing panels, guide you on best climbing holds and routes, and help you organize climbing competitions on the weekends as well.

We have worked with more than 10 small and large adventure parks on their climbing wall requirements. Instead of just quoting you a price as rock climbing wall manufacturers, we also guide you on specifics and suitable dimensions and designs for your climbing wall. We also suggest our clients to go for a multi activity tower in a climbing wall setup and add 3 or more additional activities at marginal increase in cost.

An adventure park for adults needs to be bold with its climbing wall design and make multiple climbing surfaces for all kinds of climbers whereas a family adventure park needs to have simple climbing wall that first timers can try their hands at. OXO has complete range of climbing walls for adventure theme parks. OXO can give you FRP panels in a design and color of your choice.

OXO also guides you in planning and procuring climbing equipment like auto belay, harness, carbineer, quick draw, descender, climbing rope etc. We provide up to 5-year maintenance warranty for climbing wall.

Adult Climbing Wall Setup

An artificial rock climbing wall for adults is more than 40 feet tall, has overhang and has a combination of high, medium and low grip holds. It should have a minimum of 12 feet width so 2 climbers can engage at once. It can be built even wider to engage more people or add children climbing wall features in the same climbing wall.

Children Climbing Wall Setup

Children climbing wall are up to 28 feet tall, at 90 Degrees climbing angle, colorful and has easy holds with comfortable grips. OXO can help you build a very best climbing wall for your adventure park.

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